For over 50 years, Maiullari S.r.l. has designed, produced and commercialized made-to-measure kitchens with the same passion with which founder, current legal representative and sole administrator, Angelo Maiullari gave life to this small and ambitious artisanal laboratory. It was during the early 1960s that this company, which would become a cornerstone of kitchen design in Southern Italy, was born in Altamura in the heart of Murgia plateau, in Puglia. The company holds a history rich with artisanal tradition, the development of expertise and constant quality research, keeping it evolving throughout the years thanks to new design concepts

that integrated kitchen space with living space. A revolution of surfaces and volumes, design solutions that mutually enrich one another eliminating boundaries and closures, making the domestic habitat a more social space. The continuous evolution of design, the study of new technologies and the possibility to personalize, in addition to the numerous business challenges, but above all, the constant perseverance of these intentions has permitted a progressive economic and industrial growth that today gives the Maiullari brand the credibility and recognized trust of its clients and of the market.

New Mill Industrial

6,000 square meters to a few kilometers from Altamura.

In 2006, management decided to create a new industrial factory that spans over 6,000 square meters just a few kilometers from Altamura city, an architectural structure that reflects the stylistic rigor and attention to detail that has distinguished Maiullari kitchens for the past half century. Over 1,000 square meters of the factory are for the showroom, planned out by designer and creator, Giovanni Pesce, in collaboration with the internal technical studio and featuring all of the collections in the catalog. The space is characterized by a broad exhibition route in which the visitor has the possibility to admire an endless variety of models and design solutions, to appreciate the choice of colors and materials and to directly ascertain product quality in terms of design and consistency. The other 5,000 square meters, on the other hand, are reserved for the manufacturing structure with the objective of satisfying the ever increasing demand and to manage the warehouse and logistics in the most efficient ways.

Maiullari a company that combines

tradition, technological innovation and design of cutting-edge

Still today, the company closely guards the antique art of craftsmanship. The entire family works incessantly side by side with Angelo Maiullari, each member in a specific field, a family devoted to this long road: because people are the most valuable assets of a company. An underlying choice that values the will to stick to tradition over time, but simultaneously never look away from technological innovation and avant-garde design.

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