1 - The careful selection of materials is the first rule to create quality furnishings.

The artisanal kitchen is a value choice. The quality of handmade projects lies in the search for the best materials and in the execution of tailor-made works for the client's furnishing needs. Unlike industrial realizations that offer standardized solutions less versatile and adaptable to the uniqueness’s requests. Companies that have a craftsmanship tradition not admit intermediaries.

The management of whole process is internal. Step by step, they follow all the design phases. From conception to realization, up to delivery. Starting with the selection of the best wood, organic material, heat-resistant, which due to its natural flexibility lends itself to supporting weights and resisting shocks.

Moreover, these kitchens, unlike the industrial ones, are made without formaldehyde, the carcinogenic substance present in synthetic resins, varnishes, plywood, chipboard and in general on all the furniture on which glues and solvents are used.

2 - How important is the specialization of workers.

The team participation in the implementation’s craft project is made up of highly qualified personnel, involved for specific technical skills in all of wood processing.

Because every detail is made with surgical precision. Instead, in industrial productions the work phases are segmented, simplified and standardized with the consequent use of machinery and less specialized personnel able to follow partial moments of processing and not the whole process.

3 - Why choose custom made realizations.

When referring to furniture, personalization remains the most convincing solution. Because every house, new or historic, has unique characteristics and measures that must be interpreted and harmonized with the functional needs of the home.

Sometimes it means that standard-sized furniture is not the right choice for specific spaces and resorting to bespoke design can be the only alternative. Recovering space from unevenness, niches or full-height spaces, with wardrobes, drawers, wall units or wall units will no longer be a problem.

For this reason, designing a custom-made kitchen is the most efficient solution to satisfy functionality, contingency and achieve maximum aesthetic performance.

4 - The furniture that lasts longer.

Choosing an artisanal kitchen is the best investment you can make. By its nature, wood is a reliable material, capable of withstanding the challenge of time.So the right question to ask is: what do we really mean for savings and how can we save on the long term?

The reliability and longevity of an artisanal kitchen make it a safe investment able to minimize over time the costs of renewal and restoration of the structure, maximizing the benefits that a tailor-made work can entail.

5 - The guarantee of a perfect assembly.

Delivery and assembly is the last delicate step in the process of making a craft kitchen. Two fundamental moments capable of celebrating the work done until the moment.

The professionalism, the experience and the delicacy of those who make a custom made kitchen is unmatched. The technicians selected for transport and assembly are aware of the responsibility assigned to them.

With care and precision they make up the perfect realization. Avoiding errors, bumps and problems that could compromise the final result and damage your kitchen.