1 - When the company was created and how it was launched on the market?

In the 60’s, Angelo Maiullari with his brothers, Antonio and Giuseppe, founded the artisanal laboratory in Apulian Murgia’s heart, and in the following decades it became an important furnishing pole in Southern Italy.

Selected materials and manual work had transformed a family business in a productive company able to go beyond local borders. They had been able to transform interior design projects on a specific home idea that embrace tradition solidity and modern comfort.

2 - Which are the company primary values?

Maiullari is able to focus on the family needs and his home idea embrace respect for tradition, family values and love for the territory. Maiullari feels the home like a dynamic place to improve with a custom made furniture.

Maiullari ‘s design solution combines a different way to live in an open, multifunctional and technological interior space, which is perfect to our modern life. The search for materials and custom-made design changed the way to intend furniture like an unique work, not replicable. The revolution of surfaces, volumes and technology is able to make our domestic habitat more comfortable and social.

3 - What’s the company future?

The Altamurian factory has a surface area of about 6000 square meters: it has an important internal lab (where the furniture is located) and a 1000 square meters showroom in which the customer is able to see live models and original combinations between design and high quality materials able to challenge the time.

The company guards the secrets of the ancient craft and makes it a value. But is goes further and further, towards a path that gives value to team work, ideas, people and it pass on artisanal tradition in the contemporary, and beyond.

Maiullari represent the perfect combination between technology innovation and contemporary design, for the future furniture.